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The only limit is your imagination.

Inspired by this aphorism, we try our best to offer a new look to common use materials. Decorated windows, fine wood essence doors, metal panels, leather finishing, personalized buttons and a new concept of insect screens.

We work for the 99% of personalized products that are yet to come true.

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Nano-ink technology


How we do it
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Our job

Decorprint is Mediatipo’s department offering industrial digital decorating. With the help of a team of professional external partners, we take care of design, decoration and evaluation of specific materials.

Our Company

As Mediatipo, we have a long history in the digital printing and digital engraving business. We are never tired to explore new ideas and undertake new projects. We also own Fatti di Cartone, the department offering cardboard furniture and decorations.

Our Vision

Our products come from simple ideas and from a different way of looking at things.
We like to play with shapes and colours; we let materials inspire us with their touch and feel.
Our products are environmentally friendly because the future is also in our hands.

“One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.“

Henry Miller