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Leather Collection Signed Muchcolours

Muchcolours is pleased to present the new “Leather Collection”: a collection in 12 Volumes, divided by topic, which is preparing to become a guide for all professionals in the Fashion industry and not, who, have the need to have a cutting-edge tool, always abreast of trends.

The work aspires, in fact, to project the user in the future of the fashion trends of the leather sector and, at the same time, to become a vademecum of leather decoration.
A new vision, which completely redefines the rules of the standard concept of the skin and tanning processes, in fact, the use of the new techniques of digital decoration will transform it as it had never been done so far.

Themes of the 2018 edition

The themes for the 2018 edition are:
– Special Effect Collection
– Tone on Tone collection
– Flowers Collection
– Fabrics Collection
– Geometric collection
– Tridimensional Collection

What does each volume contain?

On every Volume It is possible to discover from 16 to 21 proposals, diversified widely by type of leather, colour and use.
Each guide includes the Paper catalogue and, in the annex, the Printed tests on skin with various types and Effects. Each of them brings back all the features, the Code the Technology used for decoration, the Profile and the technical specifications of all the processes Pre and post processing.

The work, therefore offers the professional the possibility to have Instructions precise and, a 360 ° view on how to decorate the various leathers, that is, what can be achieved with the Nanotechnology simulating the effects of Tanning and at the same time enhancing the performance. In fact, the use of this digital technique improves its potential, overcoming the limits that arise from the use of Craft work, as it allows the repeatability of individual effects in quantities and time.

Moreover, thanks to the examples on leather, contained in the individual volumes, the user can verify the result both chromatic and tactile and, to understand how surprising the effect of the new Muchcolours decorations is: decorations that embellish the hide, resulting not invasive either visually or to the touch, because they preserve the peculiar characteristics of the hand and softness.

What does each catalogue contain?

For each theme, of each volume, it is Illustrated the type of hide starting the Pattern used and finally the Effect obtained on the product. Whether it is a bag, a shoe or a belt, the user will always have a clear projection on objects made or achievable. On the reference site Colourwide, for each illustrated decorating process, there is a link on which the user will find, in addition to the products to be used (primers and finishing) and the file in the required format and size, also the list of Factory Muchcolours, national and international, qualified for the decoration process, for all those companies that need this service.
Not negligible, then, all the activity of sustainable research on the development of products, in fact, Muchcolours has always been a careful eye on the environmental impact and on the respect of the person, therefore, all the workings can use, in kit, the Certifications Product Muchcolours.

The user will receive monthly 12 thematic volumes each year. From January to December.
For the year 2018, following the subscription the user will receive the first six volumes, while from July to December, monthly, the remaining six.

Not only fashion, but also interior

The “Leather Collection” not only looks to the fashion industry but, to all Applications that use the skin as an element of characterization, therefore, are shown, also uses in different fields as The automotive or interior decoration aimed at corporate, such as aircraft or boat interiors.
All this is done also, thanks to the precious collaboration with the European University of Design Which, from the first moment, was made available with its own staff of the R&D program, to support Muchcolours in the realization of the work.


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